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Marquette Law School and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have previously explored together the “Chicago Megacity”—the region stretching from the Milwaukee area, across metropolitan Chicago, and into northwest Indiana—on a range of issues including economic development, transportation, and education. Join us April 17 as we expand that focus to water. A 2012 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report on the Chicago Megacity found that some of the region’s greatest advantages lie in its access to and expertise in water, as it is home to the top water-related cluster in the United States. But in the years since, water-related competition or outright disagreement has sometimes prevailed over cooperation, and the resource is under increasing strain. This conference will explore the future of the Chicago Megacity’s relationship with water, including the challenges and opportunities the region faces. This requires a special focus on interactions with Lake Michigan, the dominant geographic feature of the region. Participants from a variety of disciplines will discuss topics such as the Chicago Megacity's responsibility to protect Lake Michigan from various threats, whether and how Lake Michigan should be used as a tool for economic development in the region, and the challenge of delivering a safe and reliable water supply.